Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Birthday Cake.

So tomorrow my oldest baby will be 18! It has been a mad, mad day getting presents wrapped, balloons bought, cakes marzipanned and iced. And on top of that it is also Mother's Day and then on Monday it is hubbys birthday too! What a weekend! This is her cake; she wanted something "pretty".
I did buy the butterflies already made (cheat!) but the rest I did myself, cutting out the 18 and adding the glitter.
If I have time to blog tomorrow I will show the Mother's Day card I made and Jess's birthday card too. Might just be too busy partying!


Ian and Karen said...

Hi Tasha,
Hope Jess has a lovely day. Enjoy the busy weekend.
Love Karen

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Jess! Lovely cake tash!

gillygilly said...

Happy birthday to Jess, the cake looks fabulous.Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

salamanda said...

It's lovely - it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow but it might be shop bought at this rate as not really organised and rarely have a goddess moment. Love the glitter on the butterflies.