Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Art Journal Week 16

Week 16 and our prompt was "Television-do you have one? How many? What do you watch? Use a TV schedule on your BG". Despite what my husband says, we aren't TV obsessed in our house. I didn't even HAVE a TV until the teachers at school told my Mum and Dad that we were ignorant of things going on in the world. So in 1978 they bought a TV and we were allowed to watch Tomorrow's World and nature programmes. Mum would let us watch Grange Hill but it wasn't until my parents divorced when I was 16 that TV was freely watched. Then we watched loads! Dallas, Dynasty, Tales of the Unexpected! Now we have just 2; one in the lounge, one in the dining room, where I craft. I never miss Casualty or Dr Who and I like to dip in and out of EastEnders and Corrie but generally I will have the TV on when I craft in the dining room.

My page had 2 pics of TVs from these 2 eras with my journalling in, and 2 TV listings from now and the 70s. Very quick and simple this week and again I have done no stamping! Whoops!

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Linda said...

intresting topic!