Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Over atUKStampers Effie has been hosting a "Random Swap".In this one we sent off 5 random things to the person below us on a list and therefore received 5 from somebody above us. This is what I got.... The paper is really funny, with french writing on, underneath which is a pronounciation and then a third line which is the translation! So I got the paper, fabric, ribbon, lace and a button.
This is what I did...cut the fabric into tattered flowers and inked the edges of some. I then made the lace into a couple of centres and stitched them together. Stitched the ribbon into a rosette and added the button as a centre then attached the whole lot to a tag that I had covered with the fabby french paper that I had inked over randomly. Great fun this one and stretched my creative muscle!
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Scrappy~Sarah said...

great work there with your random selection

Linda said...

wow! Fabulous!

Unknown said...

I really love your tag. My Mum does the tatting and gives me her "mistakes"