Thursday, 17 February 2011

Art Journal Week 7

This one I was DESPERATE to do! Challenge this week was "What is your favourite colour, why, use as BG and doodle a border." Well no thought on had to be purple! It hasn't always been purple, about a year ago it was cerise pink and before that it was orange. So maybe my tastes change over time? I went to see Burn and Linda at Burn's cabin on Monday so basically I just grabbed anything purple she had! Distress ink background, lilac and clear embossing (which is why there is no writing on the left!), melted chiffon ribbon, gems, stickles etc etc! Then when I got home I doodled in felt pens and added my journalling. Why purple? No idea! Maybe you can tell me....
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1 comment:

Burnice said...

.... cos you're an old woman!!!!
Burn x