Monday, 28 February 2011

Jelly Rolls!

So here it is, begun! The pattern I am doing is called something like post rail fence and you start by sewing the strips into sets of 5 with a lighter one in the middle. Then you have to iron them....I thought I might be able to miss this bit out, but you really can't!
Here are some of my sets of strips...

...and these are the ones waiting to be stitched together. It took me the whole day and evening to get this done and then cut the strips into squares. Didn't take a pic of the squares as it was too late when I finished.
Watch this space to see how it grows. Slowly, I expect as I am back at work now. Six weeks til more hoiday!


Sid said...

Looking good, interesting to see the step by step on how you did it !!

Anonymous said...

Love the colours. What a fab blog. Every now and again you hit on a blog and think I like that and that and that. Going to have to come back with a cup of coffee.
Regards Florence.