Sunday, 13 February 2011

Journal Week 6

I needed to mull this one over a bit and then I had no time so hence the lateness of this one! The Prompt was "Friends, who, where, a story about them, include some stencilling". I am not really in touch with any friends from school and as I have moved through life I have collected lots of circles of friends that are un-connected to each other. This is where my idea for this page came from. I stencilled the background circles through some card that I punched and finally managed to print the names of my different groups of friends into spirals.
This was quite a thought provoking task for me. I am a very poor friend I have decided, maybe that is why I am not in touch with any friends from way back. I do have lots of friends, but they are all very separate and represent my compartmentalised life I guess! I make friends easily but I expect them to be as loyal and honest as I am and very often I have been hurt when they aren't. It was interesting to see that all my friends are female; I never really got on with girls when I was younger, preferring the straight-forwardness of the boys!
Well enough of my psychobabble....I just like the pretty colours too!
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salamanda said...

It was an interesting challenge this week. I think we all have friends in different circles. The hardest is when you try and get the circle to overlap.

Angelnorth said...

Interestng take on the prompt - great page!