Sunday, 19 September 2010

Some more learning!

Few more days for you. It is as much as I can manage to keep up with this at the moment so I haven't been doing any other craft. However I do have a CJ waiting to be done so if you are bored of my journal I should be tackling that this week I hope! Anyway, Day 15 I got home from work to find that Ken (hubby) had tied up all the fresh chilies I have been given, into a pretty dangly to go in the kitchen! Great for 2 reasons; they will air dry without going mouldy; they look pretty! I never knew he had it in him so =today's lesson!. The craft challenge was to use the colours you were wearing today so that was brown, khaki and a splash of orange.
Day 17 was a calender related "learn". Quite simple and self explanatory I think. I get up at 5.45 every morning so a lie-in only needs to be til 7am or so to feel like luxury! The craft challenge; use a stamp you never use and that is the "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!" one
Day 18 and I experienced the WHOLE meaning of this class! Jess has an open day at Edinburgh University and I am going to take her so I booked a day trip, flying in and out same day, on-line! Craft challenge: use three bold stripes as BG (well they are there but not very bold!)
Finally Day 19 to bring me right up to date and this was an obscure phrase that would mean something to you but not necessarily to the reader. Don't think mine is very obscure but the story behind it is this; last night Jasper and Eliza took part in a Bonfire parade at the end of which were fireworks over the funfair. I know from previous experience that there are no real photo opportunities because of the light but I did get out my phone to try to snap the fair lights. They were very blurred and I thought, a bit rubbish. But when I got home and viewed them on the PC I really like the effect, hence the learning for today!
Craft Challenge; draw round items in your kitchen to get a variety of circles to use. I was trying to mimic the blobs of light with this one and they are shiny IRL using my foil card scraps.
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Sid said...

Great and creative stuff !!

Linda said...

great pages tash! I am way behind on mine now