Friday, 10 September 2010

LSNED Days 7 and 8

Day 7 was a rubbish day. I have very low profile tryres on my car and I was driving my usual route round the country lanes (slowly as the car is big and the lanes are small and windy) when a car shot round the corner and forced me into a huge pothole. There was a bang and then when I stopped and checked there was a bulge in the tyre and a hole. So an hour wait for the AA and then a bill for £180 for a new tyre. The really gutty bit is that the tyre is only 3 months old!

Day 8 was my first day in Reception. I will be working in there twice a week and this was when I tried to get to grips with their names. Luckily only 10 of them are in for the afternoon so that made it a bit easier!
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Linda said...

oh no Tash! Bummer ablout the tyre!! Good luck with working with reception.