Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LSNED Days 9-12

Had a few internet problems and been rather busy so I am catching up again! On Day 9 I happened to take my camera to school and as I was picking up one of the girls I saw some beautiful cobwebs in the dewy morning. I hopped out and I was reminded that even though I am not a fan of spiders I do love to see their delicate works of art!
On Day 10 I had a half day and I had to go to a resource centre to get books for a child at school. Whilst I was there I popped into the shops as my bronze pumps (that I wear ALL the time, even thought they rubbed for ages) are finally falling apart. Just as they have stopped rubbing and got comfrotable too! Well I spotted some replacement gold ones for just £6 so I thought BARGAIN!
Day 11 and once again I was feeling miserable about the weight gain I have had. I just love my food and I keep thinking the weight might just disappear if I eat carefully. Well I think I now realise that I seriously need to get my bum in gear and diet and exercise properly and with determination. I have set myself the goal of a stone off by Christmas...just 15 weeks away.
Day 12 and I went to a posh craft fair with Mum and the two youngest, wha havibng just started secondary school just think of themselves as mini adults......until they spotted a large playground that is! I sneaked up on them and snapped this with my phone but I still loved the shot!
Right off to tackle days 13 and 14 to catch up!
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Sid said...

Great stuff !!

Burnice said...

well done on the shoes!!!!! Mine boys would have done what your two did and they are 31 and 30!