Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Final CJ!

At least I think it is! The person before me has mine so I am guessing I have done all 11 in the group...I lost count! This is my final entry and OH MY it was a toughie. I am a bit funny about clowns to start with but this one was quite cute. I began by googling clown quotes and guess what.....the best ones had already been nabbed! So my next idea was ask hubby and he came up with this play on words. It is quite a plain LO; the BG was already done by the owner, but the world is 3D with silicone glue and I just realised that I added some yellow stickles to the buttons after I took the pic. Hmmmm a bit plain but I need to get it posted so it will have to do.
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Burnice said...

oh Ken - you are a one !!!!!!
Burnice x