Saturday, 18 September 2010

LSNED Days 13 & 14

Are you bored yet? Next 2 days. Now I can't remember the actual prompt but at afore-mentioned craft fair I saw a cake stand as I walked in. I loved it at first glance and went all round the fair not buying anything in case it was really expensive. Finally on the last stall, in the last tent I saw it, dithered, stroked it, heard there were only two left and bought it with the last of my birthday money! I know I won't use it daily, and I nearly broke it in my impatience to assemble it when I got home, but there was never really any doubt that I would buy it! I feel very grown up now too!
Not sure if I have mentioned the crafting challenges that Shimelle has added this time around but if so, the challenge on this was to use odd stickers from a set of letters....rather short on t's!
Day 14 and again I think I veered away from the prompt. However after a long summer off I really had to get down to planning the next term of Guide meetings. My leader and I always get together to thrash this out but somehow I always feel it looming over me in a threatening manner! Needless to say once we get going and get through the boring admin stuff we manage to get it done quite quickly and have fun doing it!
Craft challenge this time was to use a post-it note and I have these rather funky speech bubble ones!
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