Tuesday, 7 September 2010

LSNED Days 4 and 5

Well a few more days to add..
Day 4 I went to a craft fair and happened to see some nice Christmas paper ready for my Journal Your Christmas album! I NEVER buy anything early for Christmas but I am a bit fed up of doing green and red Christmas books and I saw this set of papers that weren't for a change. There is an extra challenge on Shimelles Forum too where we can pick a crafting challenge each day too. They are things like use stripes for a background, or use ribbon and I have been trying to do them too. However I have cheated a bit by choosing my challenges rather than picking them blind from a jar! This time I wrote my entry in rhyme...(well Ken did!)
On Day 5 I went to see Burn and Linda in Burn's crafty cabin! We spent most of the time chatting and rummaging through goodies that Linda didn't want any more, but I did manage to journal my next lesson. I also managed another challenge which was to craft in a different place in your home. Well it wasn't my home but it was a different place so I think that will count!
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Burnice said...

.... and didn't we have a fine time. I have been big shotting this evening!

Linda said...

It was lovely to see you Tash!!! And your journal is looking really great!