Sunday 27 July 2014

Vintage squares.

A couple of weeks ago I answered and advert from a gentleman selling patchwork fabric that had belonged to his wife. When I actually got to see it , it was lots of cotton lawn blouses that she had made, they had got rather worn and faded, so she had put them aside to piece at some point. I chopped them all up with Burnice's help and discovered many beautiful prints.
I also became the proud owner of a 1900 Singer sewing machine that had belonged to hubbys mother and was sat in my loft. I thought it was an electric so when ai discovered it wasn't I whipped it off for a quick service so I could use it again. Look at this little beauty...
Just look at this amazing bobbin winder...
Anyway back to the quilt. I sorted the fabric a bit....remember the bird
First job was to cut all the fabric into 2.5" squares. I decided to use this red for all the cornerstones as there was lots of it. I think it had been a skirt
All the other colours I joined into four patches
These were then sashed with 2.5" x 4.5" strips and so were the red squares
Then finally they were joined in alternating rows and a 2.5" white border added!
The colour isn't great. Remember that bird.....
And look at those corners....pretty good I think!
There is someone I know who I think might want this one. Sadly I love it so much that I'm afraid it's going to be a keeper!


Linda said...

Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it this afternoon:)

Sid said...

Fab effect and love the quilt !!

Burnice said...

It's fabulous IRL too. Great job Tash.