Wednesday 30 July 2014


I get very distracted in the holidays......I am meant to be packing but I keep getting sidetracked by my stashes of fabric lying about! I got this fabric at Sandown...just £5 a metre.
Look at these fab little houses
When I was in America last year I bought a twister tool that is an easy way to make pinwheel quilts. I have been desperate to try it out so today I quickly whizzed up some four patches.
Just look at my nested seams!
Then you lay the twisty thingy on the top, lining up the seams and re-cut the squares; these are now 10" squares.
Then you arrange them all into the pinwheel shapes and sew them all together.
BAM! one pinwheel quilt; but it needed some borders so I went for a 2" one in green
then a 4" one in the gorgeous houses to make it a bit bigger.
And here it is all together! Those pinwheels just look so effective! I can't quite believe how easy it took me just under 4 hours to do!


Linda said...

Lovely! I like the bold pinwheels.

Sid said...

Fab quilt top and the pinwheel tool works so well !!

Burnice said...

Brilliant - really must try mine! I love the houses border. Well done!