Sunday 20 July 2014

Job half done....

Don't know about you but I am REALLY bad about labelling the quilts I have made. I have never, ever labelled one. Not a single one. I have thought about it; I have even looked for a simple label solution but somehow it has just not happened! So today Eliza was bored. "Why don't you see if you can work out how to use the memory on my sewing machine and make me some quilt labels" say I. "Ok" says she. So of course once she has made them I have to sew them on.
Turns out I've made quite a lot of quilts! And these are just some of the ones still at home! I still have about 5 to go but we got a bit fed up. I also have a label ready for Jess's quilt that now lives in Bournemouth. So maybe they aren't perfect; a little wonky and wibbly in places but hey...they say who, why and when and what more do they need?

1 comment:

Sid said...

Great labels and they do provide providence in the years to come !!