Saturday, 21 December 2013

Photo a Day

11th December; Jasper is in the school production, playing his cello in the pit orchestra and they were all given these rather groovy T shirts! We watched on the last night. A great production...but what a weird show!

12th December; Katy's 18th birthday. As always a manic one as it was a school day but she had time for presents before school and a take away in the evening before we took Jasper off to the second night of his show!

13th December; too full last night for cake, Katy decided to have her cake today. A shop one because I am making one for our family gathering on Sunday.

14th December; I went off to Tunbridge Wells to get the last bits of Christmas shopping. Before I got going I treated myself to a coffee....

15th December; the whole family, plus boyfriends, went to The Horns Lodge in Chailey for Sunday dinner. There were 11 of us and I took along a birthday cake. The landlord turned off the lights and came out with it all lit up, singing Happy Birthday and everyone in the pub joined in! Katy was a bit embarrassed!

16th December; As I mentioned, I have been getting a present every day from Linda. I have been sooooo busy that I haven't been able to blog my pressies so here is a massed photo of all my goodies. I will list and photograph them all separately now I am on holiday and show you in later posts.

17th December; I started my baking for the Christmas hampers I want to give to people. First off, biscotti. I have never made them before but they were dead easy once you got the hang of taking them in and out of the oven, turning them and so on!

18th December; the school Christmas dinner day, followed by their party. A truly manic event where all the children wear party hats they have made. These rather gorgeous reindeer hats were what Year Two wore this year! Best hats in the Hall if I may say so, courtesy of Pinterest!!!

19th December; another school traditionis making a card for their parents. Having spent several hours cutting out holly leaves, I took them in to school so that the children could make these wreath cards. Then they stamped the greeting; quite labour intensive to do x29 but we were very chuffed with how they came out!

20th December; last day of term....PHEW! But just look at this huge stash of presents I got. In there is shortbread, chocolate, a meal out for me and Ken, a spice/coffee grinder, a bottle of cassis, a mini panetonne, body butters, shower gels, body creams and lotions, a mini bottle of fizz and a mug, to mention just some. What a very lucky lady I am!
Now off to get ready for Christmas....

21st December; Cleaning up ready for Christmas. Minnie was a bit miffed when I emptied her bedding out of her bed to clean it and decided to just sit on it whilst she watched me clean around her! She always gets sulky when she has clean bedding and scratches it all about and wrinkles it all up in her bed before huffing loudly, turning round and round and round and finally settling down with it all rucked up in a big heap underneath her!
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Linda said...

Looks like you've been busy! Happy belated birthday to Katie. Looks like she had a great time.