Thursday, 5 December 2013

Photo a Day

19th November; tie dye T-shirt!

20th November; I know you have seen this but this is another finished quilt.

21st November; beautiful light through the chestnut leaves this morning.

22nd November; this is the only view I get when I walk the dogs....two bottoms!

23rd November; Jasper and his Explorer Scout team won the Triangle hike. It is an overnight hike in the dark involving challenges on the way and after several hikes together and lots of second places they were delighted to come first!

24th November; back to school and we have two new pets....this is one of the bunnies, yet to be named, and you can just see the second one behind.

25th November; we had some visitors in to school today to speak to the class about what it was like to live at the time of the Great Fire of London. I got to dress up and so did the teacher!

26th November; great excitement, we brought home these two fluffs, brothers to the school bunny. Eliza has never had a pet so we got her one (Gus, nearest to us) but we didn't want him to be lonely so we also have Albert (lop ears and big fluffy mutton chops!)

27th November; just look at this bonkers amount of packaging. This enormous box for one, rolled-up poster. No wonder we have to pay so much p&p!

28th November; finally finished my set of tiny stockings for the christmas table cutlery to go in.

30th November; yes I appear to have missed a day somewhere but on this day I went to a free motion embroidery session and this was my final piece. More about this later.....but it was great fun!
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Burnice said...

Bloody 'ell Tash - I am loving the free motion embroidery lady and she's in red!!!!!

Burnice said...

Also the stockings - they look fab - and they are red. Coasters looking good too but they are blue!!!!