Thursday, 26 December 2013

Photo A Day

I thought I would share the next few photo a day pics before I get around to showing you all my Christmas photos...

22nd December; we had a real tree at school but we have to take it down before we break up. Usually a parent will have it but this year nobody wanted it. I couldn't bear the thought of it just being chopped up when there is plenty of life in it so I brought it home and it is perched on our balcony! It feels very luxurious even though it has blown over a squillion times in the weather we have had! And I even allowed tinsel on it.

23rd December; we are so un-ready for Christmas. We brought the tree in today but the other children wanted to wait until Jess was home before we decorated it. So all the cleaning is done, all the greenery is up and I made mince pies and iced two cakes this evening. This is our one, complete with my knitted band (which I am quite chuffed with!). Eliza decided that my little kitch decorations needed pimping, so she added snowballs.

24th December; finally after a marathon journey, we got Jess home for Christmas. She is only home for 2 days so we needed to make sure she got here! Once she arrived we decorated the tree and then relaxed for a bit with Albert exploring the presents. He decided that the tree actually tasted rather nice. He really is destined to become the world's most spoilt bunny but I don't mind as he so sociable and loves being with people.

25th December; dinner time at last and our Christmas table, complete with knitted stockings and napkin rings and crackers from Waitrose that look like they are knitted too!

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