Monday, 2 December 2013

Photo a Day

November 11th; not a lot to was a grey, wet miserable day.

November 12th; we were doing tie dye at Guides so the girls spent the evening tying up their T-shirts.

November 13th; the first batch all dyed!

November 14th; Katy's Christmas jumper is progressing nicely.

November 15th; a friend of mine saw something similiar to these on Pinterest and asked me to make her 10 for her Christmas table.

November 16th; we actually remembered to go to Lidl nice and early to get our stollen. Managed to spend £60!

November 17th; a friend of mine has a birthday coming up soon so I decided to make her some coasters. Oooo they took ages!

November 18th; finished Katy's jumper so she wore it to school.
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