Monday, 25 November 2013

They're like buses......

....none for ages and then three at once! The last quilt in my "snuggle".

This was another scrappy quilt. I had lots of low impact, cream and white based scraps, that really didn't fit into the other, colourful quilt. So following another pattern from the same book, I made them into 10" squares. These then got made up into the top.

Now the fun bit, the quilting! This time I decided to cross each horizontal strip with diagonal quilting.

You can see it better on the back. I have also stitched in the ditch either side of the verticals. So where is this one going to go......

...well for now it's on my bed! Too much with the crochet throw? It's very cosy under there now the weather has got chillier!
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Linda said...

Love it Tash! Very well done on the quilting:)