Sunday, 3 November 2013

Photo a Day

20th October; Funny weather we have been having....sudden downpours, high winds but mild temperatures and today we had a double rainbow!

21st October; Katy was public...first time for ages and it was at a pub for the 6th Form Cabaret

22nd October; the Explorer Scouts had a Halloween party. I went off to Guides and Jasper and Katy got themselves ready to go out!

23rd October; I started a kitting project. That's all I will say for now!

24th October; Mr Whibley, our school caretaker grows chillies and each year I am lucky enough to get some from him. This year they haven't ripened apparently so I put them in a bowl to use as they do.

25th October; finally the last day of a VERY long half term. I think I said that I am working with a NQT (newly qualified teacher) and he gave me a bottle of wine, the BIGGEST box of Malteasers ever and some Quality Street for the children! Needless to say, after the wine I made my own 3D glasses from Quality Street wrappers!

26th October; A relaxing evening with Minnie making herself very comfortable on Eliza's lap!

Catching up...I have been busy over Half Term so pop back for some "Show and Tell".
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