Sunday, 24 November 2013

Photo a Day

I just realised that it is now November 24th and I haven't even started showing you what I have been up to this month yet! To be honest these pictures might get a bit repetitive as I am madly preparing for Christmas but off we go...

November 1st; new home for my scrappy quilt. And now the weather is turning more seasonal it is very cosy to snuggle under!

November 2nd; Ken was off today and so was I, so we started the Christmas shopping. Got a fair bit done too including getting the Paperchase Christmas bag.....has to be done!

November 3rd; I think this might have to be the final batch of preserving that I do! This is my preserve cupboard above the fridge...7 jars wide and 8 jars deep. That's a LOT of jam and chutney!

November 4th; a muddy Monday session and a chance to inspect the damage done to this  tree at school. We will have to have the branch removed now.

November 5th; Guides tonight and we had our own bonfire up in the woods, complete with apple bobbing, eating donuts on strings and a blindfold rope trail through the trees.

November 6th; more wool arrived for Christmas jumpers. Katy's one this time.

November 7th; this one knitted up really quickly! I managed to get the front finished in two evenings.

November 8th; I was in Year 3 this afternoon and one of the children drew me this very sweet picture! I was able to tell her some exciting news....I had tickets to go to the Royal Albert Hall the following evening for the Festival of Remembrance!

November 9th; and here I was, with Katy, sitting right above the royal box. It was an unbelievably moving concert this year and really focused on those brave young men who are still fighting as well as those who lost their lives in the World Wars.

November 10th; Jasper decided he wanted to get in on the Christmas Jumper fever that is sweeping through my house! He spent about 3 hours charting his own Star Wars Christmas Jumper.
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