Sunday, 20 October 2013

Photo A Day

11th October; after all this lovely weather we have been having, today we had POURED for ages. I don't mind the rain if I have a brolly I can stand under!

12th October; Last weekend I showed you my new sourdough starter. Today I made some bread! Quite pleased with it but I need the oven a bit cooler.

13th October; Hmm well what can I say about today! The Guides had  Bushcraft day, tons of outdoor activities like fire lighting, shelter building, butter making etc etc. Yesterday the weather was dry, if dull but today it poured....and poured......and poured! This was the state of my boots and trousers at the end of the day!

14th October; Muddy Monday and we were looking at how the signs of Autumn had moved on. These holly berries were green last time we looked at them and now they are this lovely orangey colour. I wonder how long it will be until they are red?

15th October; not sure why this is sideways but this was the most amazing fungi that was growing outside Guides! It is HUGE; about a metre wide and nearly 50cm high!

16th October; we awoke to this in the morning, shepherd's warning. Sadly there were two classes going on school trips and yes the weather did change and once again it poured!

17th October; I stopped on my way home to buy petrol and it is a job I really hate! Whilst I was filling up I was gazing about me when I caught sight of this row of chimneys. Now I have filled up here countless times and I have never really noticed them before!

18th October; we had a castle afternon at school and I took in Jasper's playmobil castle for them to play with. So after dinner, my 6ft tall, size 11 footed son, spent an hour or more setting it all up on the lounge floor! 

19th October; We yesterdays playmobil fest led to Eliza retrieving HERS from the loft too! SO this was the state of my floor by the end of the day!!!
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