Sunday, 10 November 2013

Photo a Day

27th October; one job that I HAD to do over Half Term was clear out the music room. There were some bits stacked in there that I hadn't sorted for about 4 years so today I bit the bullet and cleared out the cupboards so that I could get in the stuff that was stacked on the floor! Big pile for the charity shop too!

28th October; my very lovely NQT bought me a HUGE box of Malteasers as a present but I decided to share nicely with my family. I made a very yummy Malteaser cake. The only problem is you have to eat it quickly or the Malteasers go chewy......not a problem in our house!!! 

29th October; another jobs day, this time shopping type jobs in the town, so Katy and I rewarded ourselves with a McDonalds!!! Not had one since America!!!

30th October; I did something today I have never done before. I blocked a piece of knitting! In 30+ years I have NEVER done that!

31st October; and I am very glad I did! Got a great finish to Eliza's Christmas Jumper! Did you guess that is what I had started last week?
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Linda said...

great photos Tash!