Sunday, 30 June 2013

Photo a day....these are more interesting.....honest!!

I expect you are bored rigid looking at the mundane things that are my life. But these are more interesting pics....honestly!!

June 23rd; Meet Miss Babs...she is a pedigree Welsummer, well known for their poor "mothering" skills as hens; guess what.....she is broody!!! Therefore she is not laying. Damn hen!!!

June 24th; Forest school. I LOVE my job... I actually get paid to visit places like this. Ok so I have to supervise children but it really is a GREAT job!!

June 26th; Katy went to Tunbridge Wells and bought everybody a liquorice catherine wheel. I'm sure they were much bigger when I was a child....

June 27th: I got to use my minibus licence and drive Yr Two to a sports festival at a local secondary school. It was great fun actually!!!

June 28th; We are off to Guide camp tomorrow so my lounge is full of food and kit ready for the off.

June 29th; A real last minute pic! I got into bed on camp and suddenly realised I hadn't done my pic for the day so this is my bed; I'm in it; looking towards my feet!!!

June 29th; Still on camp. Tonight the girls played a Wide Game where they each earnt a glow band for a correct answer. Then they all sat round the camp fire for hot chocolate wearing their glow bands around their necks which made a great pic!!

June 30th; last day of camp and we actually woke up before the girls. This is a shot of our tent in the early morning sun (well 8am), in the momentary calm before the hectic day of packing up!
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Burnice said...

Good pics Tash - loving the comfy bed!

Linda said...

great pics as ever:) I'm not bored!