Sunday, 23 June 2013

Photo a day

Still catching up so a few extras this week...

June 9th; in 1977 we moved into our brand new house that my Mum and Dad had built. We are the only family who have lived in it, Dad moving back in when they divorced and finally the time has come for it to be sold. We all went there for a farewell to Applehurst meal and my Aunt and cousin were there too; quite an upsetting event.

June 10th; Forest school and today we were looking for evidence of animals. I loved this almost spiral in a rotten tree stump where a squirrel had eaten some sweet chestnuts.

June 11th; This intriguing bud caught my eye as I walked into school.

June 12th; The day that Max had his eye removed. As soon as we went to get him we could hear his tail banging on the walls of the vets corridor! He was so pleased to see us and immediately we had the old Max back! I am delighted to report that now we are a week on, he is having his collar off when we are there to watch him and is back to normal. He just has to be careful moving about when his cone is off as he tends to bump into the door frames!

June 13th; More progress on the scrap quilt, a brown square.

June 14th; The view under the tunnel protecting our new seeds. They have grown really quickly.

June 15th; Finally flowers are opening in the garden. They are suffering from the constant wet though and the outside of the roses are brown before the middles are properly open.

June 16th; Eliza was doing her own patchwork, I think it is going to be a dog.

June 17th; Forest school again and this week the children got to make their own animal trails using stencils and flour shakers.

June 18th; we had a school trip to Batemans, Rudyard Kiplings house in Burwash just up the road from the school. There were lots of great activities and we also walked around the grounds looking at the insects.  One of the children spotted these damsel flies laying eggs in the pond.
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Linda said...

great photos Tash! Glad Max is doing OK, and loooking forward to seeing the scrap quilt all done!