Sunday, 2 June 2013

Another week flies by.

So this was our Half Term...

May 27th; a rare, lovely sunny day so we decided to take our dogs (lab and black and white spaniel) Mum's dog (liver and white spaniel) and the dog that Eliza walks for a lady who lives near us, (little rust, podgy spaniel) for a walk on Ashdown Forest. Ours all run about happily off the lead, ignoring horses,dogs and sheep but the little one is not so well behaved so had to stay on the lead. However there is a breed of horse-rider who frequent the forest who get very shouty if they see your dog off the lead so we just put them on whenever we see a horse.

May 28th; complete change in the weather and back to winter woolies! Burnice and I went to Linda's house to finish off our charity quilts. I worked on the scrap one, adding the fleece backing and here Burnice is inspecting my hand stitching on the binding!! 

May 29th; remember that wool Eliza spent ages winding? Well I finally decided to do a Granny Stripe throw with it so I set off this evening. Not sure how much I am going to enjoy lugging it about as it grows however...

May 30th; guess what? Another wet, rainy day but we spent it doing shopping type jobs. The rain did stop just long enough for me to take a picture of this peony that has just opened by my back gate.

May 31st; I will do a whole blog post about this venture but for today I shall just say I spent a very exhausting day stitching the fleece to this denim quilt.
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Linda said...

Sounds like a lovely half term Tash!