Friday, 14 June 2013

Photo a Day.

Sorry...did you miss me? I have had the most horrible week but I will tell you more later. Without further ado, on with the next week...

June 1st; Progress so far on the Granny Stripe blanket that I am doing for Jess.

June 2nd; a rare moment of sunshine that Minnie decided to snooze in.

June 3rd; Our first Forest School session. Beautiful, warm, sunny day with the blue sky just visible through the leafy canopy.

June 4th; after he hoed up my last lot of seeds Ken replanted them along with some runner beans.

June 6th; started a new scrap quilt project. Step one, sort your colours.

June 7th; The cause of my horrible week. Ken took Max for a walk today, called him and he came back with a small yelp and lay on the ground. When Ken looked his eye was the size of a tennis ball and almost out of the socket. Off to the vet, who referred him to a specialist eye hosital. They think it is a severe trauma injury from a blunt instrument like a kick or somebody hitting him or as a result of a car accident. Well he was only about 50ft away from Ken when it happened, down in the woods with nobody anywhere near so we can only think that it was a deer kick. I guess we will never know. He will need several more visits....

June 8th; my car clocked up 90,000 miles today. It only had 10 miles on the clock when we got it so we've been a long way together, me and my car.

June 9th; I went to a workshop at Mazelino's in Hove. It was all about personalised gifts and we made these cute little bootees. Mine is the yellow one with the flower on the front and the pearls. We also made felt brooches, great day that helped me take my mind off poor old Max.
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Linda said...

love the bootees Tash! Hope max is feeling better now.