Sunday, 26 May 2013

Photo a Day....

Bit more week...

May 20th; Our Outside Learning session at school. Despite the rain we walked down to the woods where we are going to be having Forest School sessions next term. The ivy growing up these trees was amazing.

May 21st; I finished my Shalom just 4 days! Quite pleased it actually fits.

May 22nd; rubbish photo but this morning there was a family of fledgling sparrows hopping about on the patio, all fluffy and cute!

May 23rd; This oak tree is in the garden of a neighbouring house and it looked a real lime green against the heavy sky. About two minutes after this photo there was a terrific hail storm!

May 24th; Pirate Day at school! I wore my moustache ALL day and Ken wouldn't kiss me goodbye!

May 25th; I baked today....stem ginger cookies. They were delicious and all came out nice and even instead of my usual misshapen offerings!

May 26th; More baking today but this time Eliza made millionaires shortbread. I've never made it before but it was gorgeous, much better than shop-bought!
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Burnice said...

Great pics. hope you are not going to look like that on Tuesday! recipe for millionaires shortbread please................
Burnice xx