Sunday, 19 May 2013

Photo a day

Another mixed bag of a week in pictures!

May 12th; another trip to the beach, this time in Littlehampton when we visited the in-laws. Freezing this time though!

May 13th; my dearly beloved daughter at Uni had a paper rose that I made ages ago that she had hanging about whilst she was working on her current costume project. Well her tutor decided she rather liked it and wanted some on the completed costume so I got a phone call...."Mummy, you know those paper roses......well I need 10 asap please!" Guess what I had to do then.....and they aren't quick to make either!

May 14th; my rhubarb is going mad so I thought I would give it a quick prune. I ended up with this huge bunch which was soon stewed and eaten with custard! Mmmmmmm!

May 15th; I finally needed to order more wool for something I want to knit to wear so I added the final ball I needed to finish this cushion and quickly did it this evening. It is headed to the Reception class at school.

May 16th; We had an owl visit school today. She was a real show-off but I didn't get a very good pic because I couldn't get very close.

May 17th; This is my apple's three years old but is still just a single stick! It SHOULD be an Egremont Russet but I am still waiting. I do have blossom though....

May 18th; I went shopping to Tunbridge Wells with Katy. She had a great day spending my money! Had to take a pic of the Hobbs fab is it!

May 19th; Eliza has been baking. She saw these on Pinterest so thought she'd have a go! Not tasted them yet but they look purty!
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