Monday, 6 May 2013

....Part Two!

So I continue with Part Two of this last week and the beginning of another month.

May 1st; I was working in Reception Class this afternoon and they have all been bringing in flowers to draw. I spent the afternoon listening to readers in this delightful spot, definately much more fragrant than usual, surrounded by narcissus, lillies and "berget-me-nots"

May 2nd; Saw this book on amazon, it arrived today and is making me wish I wasn't in the middle of a knitting project!

May3rd; it has been an increasingly warmer week, day by day it has been sunnier and when I checked my blackcurrants there were these tiny fat buds, ready to bloom.

May4th; after my walk in the woods last week the bluebells are finally beginning to open. Still not the full blue carpet but definately some blueness emerging!

May5th; you know how it is, you decide to pull out a couple of nettles and before you know it you have filled the green bin with bits of pruning and lopping! Eliza and I hacked down some plants growing through from next door, pruned the holly tree and the bay tree and chopped down several blackberry suckers.
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