Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Burnice found a youtube video from USA where a very funny lady makes a quilt from a Jelly Roll against the clock. Apparently these are all the rage over the pond so we decided to have a bash for ourselves. I used just about 24 strips left over from my Dogwood Trail rolls. First you sew them end to end at 45 deg. Then you fold that strip in half and machine along the long edge. Then after you have cut it you repeat and repeat folding and sewing until it is the "right" size. This one is obviously skinnier than it would be if you used a whole roll but I am going to use it as a runner to go over the foot of the bed on top of the Dogwood Quilt. I'm sure if you search Jelly Roll Race in youtube the clip will come up; well worth a watch.
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Effie said...

What a great idea... That will look fab on the end of your bed.

Sid said...

Great idea !!

Burnice said...

great fun wasn't it!