Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Helly's CJ

I am sure that I am finally safe to show these!! Remember that mini CJ I did with friends? I just showed you what they did for me.....well I can now show you the pages I did in other people's books. First of all Helly's;

She sent around a gorgeous ammonite stamp and had already done a page about Mary Anning. I love fossils and have several that we have found on holidays. I wanted to recreate an amazing piece of rock that I saw in the Science Museum that is covered with ammonites.

So I stamped loads in all different colours, ambossed some in copper, pewter, old gold and clear over a washed out black ink.
Then I cut them up and used different bits to layer them up.

Finally on the facing page I wrote about the legends to do with "snakestones" over another stamped background.

I couldn't go on the day the others all exchanged so I have no idea if she liked it!!
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Burnice said...

blimey - that's good Tash. Good job you have nothing else to do isn't it !!!!!
Burnice x

Linda said...

I bet she loved it! It's fab Tash:)