Sunday, 2 October 2011

LSNED last few days

So here are the last few days. Day 28 and I finally managed to knit a hexagon that I have been trying and unpicking about six times! It's not a new lesson but one I sometimes need to remember from time to time when it would be easier to give up.

Day 29 and I think most of the UK has been enjoying these unseasonally high temperatures. We haven't actually done anything different because we have been choc-a-bloc with pre-planned "stuff" but it has been so lovely to sit in the sun and just slow things down a bit.

And lastly, Day 30. A double-edged sentiment here. I had an unexpected day off so I decided to go for it and try a longer run. The pink route is my 2.5 miles I managed today contrasted with my normal blue route.

I also made it to the end of my album! Here are all the pages ready for binding; don't expect daily blog posts from now on! I have a heap of house stuff to catch up on that has been pushed aside to get this done.

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