Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Art Journal Week 40

Yes it is Week 40! This week we are thinking about "Birthdays-do you celebrate/remember them? Have you had any memorable ones? Use a candle on your page." Well at my messy play session at Gilly's on Saturday I did this pinky pink background using shaving foam and cosmic shimmers. I borrowed the candle stamp from Gilly (bless her-I think we thoroughly ravaged her stash on Saturday- sorry) and rescued the cupcake from wrapping paper in the bin! Mounted it on card and added some glitter to it and the edge of the page and another one in the bag! Just 12, yes really only 12, more to go!
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salamanda said...

Love this and hope this week is a little better - can't believe we managed 40 so far (or 38 if you are me)