Saturday, 29 October 2011

Art Journal Weeks 42 and 43

I have taken my time to do Week 42 because I couldn't decide what I thought! It was all about "Coincidence, do you believe there is more to it than just coincidence? Do you have any stories of coincidences? Include some numbers". I just couldn't make up my mind....

Week 43 was about being sociable. "Are you sociable, do you prefer large or small gatherings, can you do small talk? Can you amuse yourself, do you like your own company? Include an invitation". I always thought I was a social animal and hated to be alone with just myself, particularly as a child. But as my days have become crammed full with being a wife and mother to 4 I crave time alone. Now my lot are growing up I get time alone and I love it...just as long as it's not toooo long, a day is enough at a stretch. And I am much more choosy about socialising; I prefer to pick who and how I socialise. Life is too short to spend time socialising with people I don't know /like! Right, it's official; I am a Grumpy Old Woman!

No invite in this however...I couldn't work one in and I was in a painty mood. I also have a social gathering to attend today that I am unsure about so I think that is swaying my choices.

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