Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Art Journal Week 26

Wow, we are halfway through already! This weeks theme was "Commitment; are you determined or easily distracted? What is your biggest commitment/one you've never kept? Include a dictionary quote." I am running out of backgroud ideas, time to crack open the magazines and try some new ones. So I started by painting it black and then just added "stuff", ending by stencilling the Guide trefoil through the waste of one my friend Sharon cut me on her Craft Robo.
My trouble is that the next project is always the most exciting and I rarely finish one before starting the next one because I am so keen to get going! My loft is full of half done cross stitch, knitting, patchwork, stained glass etc, etc! But these are really the little things in life; I like to think that I am a bit less flighty for the "big" things, like my marriage and Guiding and my children.
I DO finish some things......just not EVERYTHING!
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Great page !!