Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Art Journal Week 25

Got a bit behind. Week 25 was "Ambition, are you ambitious? Have you achieved any of your ambitions? Do you have a bucket list? Use a glittery star embellie". Oooo how I anguished over this one! I felt that I wasn't ambitious, but then I felt guilty that I wasn't! After a lot of talking about it with my friends ad infinitum I felt ok to be unambitious! When I was at school I just wanted to be a Mum. After a brief worry about fertility I have 4 of the little treasures now so that is ambition achieved! My ambitions tend to be short term; finish this quilt; make a scrap quilt from old clothes; survive 'til the end of term (still a long 2 and a bit weeks away!); learn how to crochet (yes, despite a brief dalliance earlier this year I still can't). But mostly I am too busy living my life to be ambitious and if the truth be known, I can't be bothered! So if I get to the end of my days being happy and healthy then I guess I will have achieved all I want from life.
Oh but I WOULD like to be a Granny.......just not quite yet!

(I just noticed my spelling mistake and no glittery star either; didn't "go"!)
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