Saturday, 16 July 2011

Antarctica Inchies

I am sorry for the absence. I have had a difficult couple of weeks. Just before Christmas my sister-in-law was tragically diagnosed with terminal adrenal, lung and liver cancer. Sadly she lost her fight two weeks ago at the age of just 45 leaving a husband and two sons. We have had the funeral this week so I have not felt too creative. May she rest in peace.

I should have had these Inchies finished last month and they were almost done but I just needed to cut them out and ink the edges. They represent Antarctica, the final continent in our 6 month long Continents swap. Once they have all been received we are going to make something with them all and send them to someone else in our group! I just glimmer misted the BG and then embossed a snow swirl pattern in white and then iridescent lilac before cutting out and inking the edges in a dark purple. Sorry for the wait people.
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Linda said...

hope the funeral was Ok Tash, I was thinking of you. I love love love these inchies!!

BrightRedCat said...

Oh Natasha, that is just AWFUL! My sister is 44 this year and I just HATE the idea that she may die! Hope you're able to hang in there and remember only good times.