Sunday, 17 July 2011

Art Journal week 28

Waahheeeyyy! Still going! This week is "Truth. Are you truthful? Are white lies acceptable? Have you ever told a big lie or been lied to? Include some paint splats and question and exclamation marks." The thing that sprang straight to my head is the age old question "Does my bum look big in this?" I am a very truthful person, perhaps too truthful sometimes and I would ALWAYS tell a friend if they looked bad in an outfit (provided they had asked for my opinion of course!). The only lies I have ever told is the ones about the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas. I am sure there are those that think it is wrong to perpetuate these tales to children but I am convinced I did the right thing for my family.
This is the reason why; my second daughter Katy is a very black and white child, no shades of grey there AT all. When she was about 7 she came home from school and said "Mummy, does the Tooth Fairy REALLY exist or is it you?" Well I dodged, evaded and fobbed off the question for day after day until finally I had to sit her down, alone, and ask her if she really, really wanted to know the truth. She insisted that she did so I confessed and told her that yes indeed it was me and Daddy. Well imagine my horror when she burst into floods and floods of tears and remained inconsoleable for at least a week! Every time she looked at me it was with such a devastated look on her face and she kept saying "I wish I had never asked you, I didn't really want to know the truth!" I felt terrible. Now she is 15 she still remembers that conversation and STILL wishes she had never asked, so from then on I knew I was right to lie and she has helpred me to continue the story to her younger siblings!
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Burnice said...

Aww bless - little white lies don't hurt!
Burnice x