Thursday, 12 May 2011

Autumn Mini Quilt Panel

Do you remember last month when I went to Burnice's cabin, we made a panel where lots of different scraps were trapped under black netting? Well on Monday I went there again and we mounted up and embellished the edges. I then came home and added the beads, some Burn gave me and some I had already. Finally I backed it and sewed it all together to get the finished Autumn panel.(The picture is actually sideways, the threads should be up the right and along the bottom!)

Detail of some of the beading, these came from the £1 shop!

This shows the machine embroidered leaf I had a bash at and some more of the threads and fibres.

I have the Winter one to do now and then next month we are going to make some more centre panels for Spring and Summer. They are just great fun to do!


Linda said...

looking good Tash! Love the beads:)

Rachelxx said...

Looking forward to seeing the next installment :-) I'm quilting at the moment too!