Thursday, 26 May 2011

Art Journal Weeks 20 and 21

Got a bit behind as I was rather uninspired paperwise and I have been making a quilt. I can't show that yet as it is a present, although I don't think the person who it is for knows about my blog! Anyway I digress....Week 20 was "Food-favourites, hates, include a recipe". I knew exactly what to write but had a bit of a background problem. In the end I just resorted to good old painting and stencilling through sequin waste. I cut a recipe for boiled sprouts (!) from my Mrs Beeton (that I still use!) and added that too.

I did this page twice; Prompt was "Hobbies; what are they, do you have many? What are your earliest recollections of your hobbies? Include a handmade embellishment" This started off pink with lots of writing and I didn't like it so I started again with cream, most unusual for me! I made some ribbon flowery things, dipped into my beloved button stash and used my best, saved embellies!

Now we are nearly halfway through I can see that all my pages are similiar; is that because I lack imagination or do we just call it personal style?Posted by Picasa


Donna said...

There no right or wrong in art journals. It's what you like and your style!!!! Just have fun with it! These are great!!! I love those sewing embellishments, they are adorable.

Linda said...

Great pages Tash! And of course it's your style. The journal will have a cohesiveness about it when it's finished because YOU did it! Will we be able to see your latest quilt next time at Burn's?