Saturday, 14 May 2011

Winter Mini Quilt

...and after Autumn comes Winter. Now I know the process I was able to mount up my Winter piece too. This time I used a deep purple velvet; a charity shop find for 50p for a long strip.

Again I added fibres and ribbon and this time I used a stitch on my sewing machine that looks a bit like snowflakes.

In the interests of spontaneity I did what Burn kept telling me and didn't measure anything, just tried to get it the same size as the last panel by eye. Hmmm well, it's about an inch smaller so I am going to have to live with that if they are going to hang together on the wall. I might measure the next one!
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Scrappy~Sarah said...

gorgeous work

Sid said...

Fab quilt !!

Linda said...

wow tash! You are on a roll!!! It looks fabulous with the white netting.

salamanda said...

These mini quilts are amazing - love the layers and strips and stitches. Beautiful