Sunday, 20 June 2010

A fortnight of H-ness

Hmm well this was the hardest one for a while. There are tons of places around us beginning with H but this fortnight we seem to have had no time to do anything, as our weekends have been busy doing other things like PGL and Guide Camp....which don't begin with H!! Still we managed some housework

using Henry Hoover.
One day we ate a packet of Haribo
and as the weather has been very wet we have been wearing our matching hats.

Ken took an arty pic of his, Jasper and Eliza's hands,
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we had haddock fish cakes for tea,and we went to Heathfield. Now we do go there every day to school but this was at half term to look in charity shops for fabric for Jess to make Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat..(another story) This is a shot of Heathfield High Street, as you can see, totally devoid of anything of interest, although there is a lovely deli, some nice antiquey places and good charity shops!

Right at the beginning of H fortnight, Jasper and Eliza did go to Haidee's new house for a house-warming and played with her new hamster, Hazel, but I forgot to take my camera, so I shall go and visit them again to take some sneaky pics to pop in when I make this into an album! I don't think that will be cheating do you?

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Burnice said...

He He He - happy H'ing. I am liking what you are doing here. I may even have a go myself next year - will you remind me !!!!

"I" should be interesting !!!!!!

Burn x