Wednesday, 2 June 2010

G fortnight

G fortnight just happened really without too much planning! First of all I went to Gilly's house for a day of scrapbooking.

Eliza did some gardening, planting various flower seeds.
Of course there was the guinea pigs...the other one wouldn't come out for his pic!
Eliza baked some gingerbread men that the others (except Jess) decorated in a variety of "interesting" ways! This is a Grandad one..
and this is a gobbled one!

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We are in the process of building some veg boxes, but first we have had to get out this stump so we let the girls out to grub in the roots and loosen it!
Later on in the week I had Guides and we were practising putting up the old Icelandic tents ready for camp.Ken managed to get the stump out and finish the garden all ready for growing.

And finally he moved his ghastly gnome to keep an eye on things! I HATE this gnome but he insists on keeping it as his parents bought it as a joke when they knew how much I hated them!

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Burnice said...

Hated what - the gnome or the in-laws!!!!! This is just too much fun.
Burnice x