Sunday, 13 June 2010

Art Journal

So for the second of my arty musings.....I did this about 2 weeks ago but I have been so busy that I hadn't even had time to photograph it, let alone blog it! My 5th washing machine broke down and was just 2 years and 10 months old. How do I know that so precisely? Well because 2 hours after the new one was delivered, we found a 5 year warrenty for the old one! Now we NEVER buy extended warrenties so quite why we did on that occasion I will never know! But it was no good, they would not let us claim retrospectivly, and nor will they refund any of the outstanding premium. This page was what I did to stop myself ranting and raging and it had a very theraputic effect!
Lots of symbolism here for to reflect my mood; chalked squares to represent kitchen tiles; circles on the white to represent the laundry bubbles; the drawings are all the white goods that I have had that have packed up recently and I think the money symbols are self explanatory!
Thankfully I am feeling a lot chirpier now!
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