Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Another Quilt!

Wow what a lovely weekend I have had! Gilly has just had a significant birthday and so a few of us went to spend Sunday and Monday with her, crafting. I hadn't got around to getting any scrapbooking papers and I am up to date with my CJs so I dedcided to take all the bits I needed to make Eliza a denim quilt. After she saw Jess's one she declared that she wanted a "tidy" one so I had to start collecting more old jeans again! I had a fair few bits left over but I got a pair from a lady at work, a pair I sneaked from Ken's "comfy" pile and Eliza has just grown out of a pair too. That made me just 3 squares short but after a rummage in the fabric I just collected from a Freecycler, I found some new denim for my last 3 squares! Jess had all the fancy squares already in her quilt so first of all I had to decorate some squares.....

These buttons were in a tin from my Grandad who was a tailor, and are a mixture of plastic and mother of pearl ones,

this fleece was from freecycle,

Gilly gave me these red buttons,

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and this white fur. She also gave me a few bits of fabric and I added ribbon and ric rac to a few patches too.

Then I just stitched it all together, seams inside this time, and assembled it in the same way as Jess's, again backed with a red and white spotty blanket from Primark!

She liked it!!!!


Sid said...

Fab quilt, what a lot of work !!

Deborah said...

Love denim so this quilt is right up my street. Wonderful!

LME said...

Wow :)

Unknown said...

That looks like hard work but great fun. Not sure I can even remember how to sow let alone come up with thatt!