Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Granny Stripe Throw

I am trying hard to finish projects off. I find January is a good time for this as I am always too broke to buy new wool/fabric/ pretty things! I started this throw from some wool I was given out of a friends' mothers' loft and some of it was a bit moth eaten. However I rescued it, Eliza wound it off the cones and into balls and off I went.

Linda gave me a lovely dark purple and I seemed to have twice as much jade as the other colours so I decided to alternate the burgundy and purple with the jade. It was so relaxing to just go up and down, up and down, up and down and before I knew it I had almost run out of wool!

Oooo quick border needed so I went round in dc in purple, then jade. But I ran out of jade about 6" from the end so out it all came and we had to make do with a row of burgundy. It is proper wool so I find it itchy against my skin but it is headed for Jess's bed where it won't be against anybodys skin.

I have to say it was super warm and has a great weight to it that acrylic just doesn't have. Still I am not converted to wool even so......working with it was just about bearable but otherwise just too scratchy!
Another UFO bites the dust!
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Linda said...

Very nice!

Sid said...

Nice that you have finishes a UFO and this one looks great !