Friday, 3 January 2014

My new project

New Year so time for a new project. I have done several different things over the years; a Shimelle one where you take photos once a month, some where you take a photo each day and scrapbook them and last years Photo a Day where I just blogged them. I saw this a few months ago and quite fancied it but when I revisited the idea I decided I would end up with a load of random photos of odd things. I also really like this idea so I have decided to combine the two and try to get back into a bit of scrapbooking again. I have come up with.....
52 Weeks of Happy!
Each week I will do a page, usually including a photo, of what has made me happy that week. My weeks will run Wednesday to Wednesday.

So to set me off I need a book to put it all in! I got the pattern for this easel book from here. Nice and easy but I had forgotten just how long making paper things takes!

This morning I just did the binding and the words on the front and just those few bits took me well over an hour!!! Hmmmm I'm out of practise  think.
Now my little book is all ready to receive my lots of happy things!
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