Saturday, 4 January 2014

American quilt

Remember these squares....?

Today I carried on with this gorgeous kit that I had as a birthday present from America when we went in the summer. Next job was to make the rooves for my little houses but first I had to cut up a huge piece of background fabric to get the base for the applique squares and the triangles for the border.

Then I finally got to the sqaures that go onto the roof strips.

12 little rooves, all different. After that it was time for the doors. Now I was into new territory as I had to applique these on. My machine does a rather nice blanket stitch so I have decided to go with that, rather than doing it all by hand.

After a few hairy moments and tangles and chomping of the fabric (eek!) it did actually stitch them on quite nicely. (Just don't look too closely!)

And voila! 12 little houses (well you can only see 8 but I have done 4 more!) windows to do next!
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Linda said...

Gorgeous Tash! Envious that your machine does blanket stitch! Looking forward to seeing it irl:)